In my last article about the 2019 Lion King remake, I briefly mentioned at the end that I ended on that this film being unnecessary when you compare it to the original. I felt the original was at it’s best because it was a cartoon. It did not have to worry about the restrictions of real life that the remake now has the burden of dealing with. Disney claims it’s “live action” but I’d argue that’d be the only part that would require any amount of imagination to believe for this movie.

This isnt to say that having creative restrictions is bad. Having limitations is good when under the right conditions as it helps breed creativity by looking or new ways to accomplish your goal but this hyper-realistic remake feels like a step backwards when you realize what it’s up against. And that’s what makes it all feel rather unnecessary. Sure, the technology is thousand times better then it was in the 90s but that doesn’t mean the movie itself will be great.

It actually makes me wonder how on earth Disney is going to pull this off and justify remaking some of the more insane but memorable scenes from the original that were also crucial to the plot all without making it all seem out of place or unrealistic, ironically. Cartoons can take more liberties and get away with more because they’re cartoons. Even though the 2019 remake of the Lion King is technically animated itself, due to the heavy use of CGI, it has firmly grounded itself in reality due to it being filmed as if it were live action film. It’ll probably be a financial success but I question whether it’d be praised by critics and/or fans alike.

However, my worries and opinions on the matter won’t affect Disney’s bottom line — AT ALL. They’ll be one remake that’ll be a hit even while all others fail. That combined with the fact they own Pixar, Marvel, LucasArts and now 20th Century Fox, let alone their theme parks and cruise ships, means that they aren’t going to be hurting in the bank anytime soon.

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