NYC’s outages becoming frequent?

America’s infrastructure is crumbling. We haven’t had a proper bill to address these problems under this new administration since it began in 2017. “Infrastructure week” is a phrase ripe with mockery. So it’s no surprise cities would face a level of stress to the grid they wouldn’t normally have to deal with. Yet America’s power grid was also attacked by Russia. So you have to take that into account too.

New York City generally only sees outages after hurricanes but lately it feels like they’ve edged into becoming more frequent. This wouldn’t feel so uncanny if it weren’t only New York City. Now I’m sure you’re gonna say it’s their fault and they can fix it. Okay. How? Any city simulation game you play will tell you that just because you have power stations doesn’t mean you have unlimited power. There is only so much the state can do.

So either the crumbling infrastructure is finally taking it’s toll on New York, Russia is already messing with the power grid, or both. I don’t know. Personally, I prefer fixing to prevent the worst case scenario — i.e. both — but I don’t see that happening under this administration.

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