Bring back MP3 players, please

At first glance, what I’m saying might sound nostalgic, and that’s true. While MP3 players are still being sold, the industry treat them like a relic from the 80s or 90s. Yet the technology in it are hardly from those eras. But, as true that also is, that’s not why I’m saying we should bring them back.

Like desktops, we’ve accumulated everything into our smartphones. This has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. But there is a lot of trade off you get with multipurpose devices. You become good at everything but master of none. Ironically, Bitcoin illustrates this perfectly, although to an extreme. … What makes the iPod worth reinvesting is storage.

Smartphone storage is getting bigger because apps are getting larger. While it’s nice to have a little music on the phone, the iPhone will never be the iPod and vice versa. The iPod and all other MP3 players need to return because storage is valuable and it makes more sense to put as much of your music library as possible on a portable device dedicated to music then it is to have one filled with apps.

However, there are cases where multipurpose devices do have their advantages. Desktops, for example, are both powerful and full of storage for the consumer these days that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Not so much with mobile devices. Smartphones are great and I love Android but know your limitations.

Artist, writer, programmer and all out chill guy.

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